school holidays

We are well into the summer school holidays here in Australia, where all the kids get to run a muck for 6 weeks a, break from school, and considering I am a stay at home mother, and my husband gets time off work and school, we’ve been lucky enough to spend lots of time together as a family. Call me old fashioned but there is nothing me and my family like doing than… STAYING HOME! Call us home bodies, call us anti-social, we just love staying home! Please do not call DOCS and tell them I am keeping my kids hostage at home, we took the kids out for lunch yesterday.

Today was a very typical day at home…

started off with a nice sleep in and pancakes with fresh blueberries and strawberries with maple syrup for breakfast. The kids were sticky after all that maple syrup so bath time for them. The kids were feeling constructive so we spent a big portion of the day playing with blocks and eventually built a fort in the living room. We made chicken pizzas for lunch and then had ice blocks for a cool snack, before we had some ‘relaxation time’ as my youngest likes to call it where we basically lay in bed just talking and having a break. Before we knew it, dinner time crept up on us, so left over spag bol it was (I would link you the recipe for my spag bol but its a secret recipe my brother gave me and its divine). A quick fairy dress up tea party before teeth brushing, pjs, story time and bed…

…and here I am with piles of laundry to fold, a pile of things I plan to sell on ebay and some blocked sinuses. Mothering isn’t always about forts and fairy dress up.

Let me leave you with a great list of things to do at home with your kids (or your friends, regardless of age some of these activities are fun for anyone!) Let me also leave you with our view during “relaxation time”, feel the stress just melt away.

Regards, Mummy.


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