Quote of the day!

*I’ve seen my youngest daughter, who turns 5 in less than a month, wearing the same backpack all day around the house and was just curious..

Me: Sweetie, can I just ask why you’ve been wearing that backpack all day?

Sweetie: Mummy… *in a matter-of-fact tone* I’m pretending to be a giant!

…you learn something new everyday. Backpacks = Giants. On another note, she starts kindy in 21 days, not that I’m counting, so I’m thinking some school bag shopping is in order. Apprehensive about your child starting school? There’s a big chance you’re more nervous than your growing child who is about to begin their educational journey. Just remember to take deep breaths and a camera to capture their big smiles and excited expressions on their big first day!

Regards, Mummy.


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