sibling love + rivalry

Call me crazy but having 2 kids is easier than 1. For one, they entertain each other so I don’t have to spend the entire day on my knees building block towers and dressing up as a princess. I think siblings come into our lives to teach us valuable lessons.

My daughters are 17 months apart and get mistaken for twins all the time. My daughters also know how to fight over a range of issues.

I want THAT dress!

That’s MY toy!

Go away, you are so ANNOYING!

That’s not how you play that game!

Why won’t you play with me?

Okay, I just got a mini headache thinking about it. But in between the squabbles are tender moments of love and care. When my eldest lost her first tooth she was distraught. She thought all her teeth were falling out and they would never grow back. My youngest gave her the sweetest hug and kiss on the cheek and said “that’s okay, you can borrow my teeth.”

Being two girls so close in age, sharing is always an issue. There are situations where they know sharing is the only option, and other times when the concept of sharing flies out the window. I’ve decided that sometimes its better to stay out of it and let them figure things out. Hopefully this will make for adults who are able to solve their own problems whilst also developing a balanced idea what I need and what other people need. This article gives a good summation on this broad topic whilst giving some wise words of advice, that I definitely needed to hear.

If only my daughters relationship always looked like this…

Regards, Mummy.



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