A little late on the new years resolutions…

I have some weird new years resolutions, which I wont share with you, however one resolution which leans towards normalcy is to GET ORGANISED and DECLUTTER! I do this weird thing where I declutter my house and tell myself I won’t buy anything I don’t need and for 7 months of last year I didn’t buy a single thing, REALLY! Feel free to pat me on the back. My house (and my life) felt light and easy.Then BOOM within one month I some how purchased enough ‘stuff’ to feel like I was back as square one. So, this is the year!

Apartment therapy is a website that I frequent to get inspiration on anything from food, home decor, life organization and even how to not let electronic devices take over my life.

With 5 ideas to get you cleaning and Decluttering: more than a resolution I really don’t have an excuse… except the weather today is stunning!

I should probably read this article providing tips on sticking to your resolutions

Regards, Mummy.

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