Define “Necessity”

So this link popped up on my facebook newsfeed around the holiday season and even though that season is long gone, my youngest daughter is turning 5 soon and my husband and I are have been discussing how to celebrate it. A few qualities I hope to instil in my children are

a love of learning

* compassion



* generosity






There are others I’m sure. Oh goodness, am I setting them up for failure? *Sips coffee to get back on track* So I could go down the track of throwing her a big party with face painting, jumping castles and a paid kids entertainer, with balloons and mountains of food to go with mountains of presents. I hesitate because, like my father, I see room for a lesson to be learned in everything. To be honest my kids are quite blessed with a loving, close knit family, a great circle of family friends who are more like our extended family, too many clothes and even more toys. So i ask myself, what does she really need on her birthday?

I’ve been meaning to ask her what she wants to do for her birthday, because some kids don’t actually like the whole “big party with everyone focusing on me”. One evening while I was helping the kids clean their room my “soon to be 5 year old” daughter turns to me and says “Mummy, I don’t really play with some of these toys anymore. Can I put them in that pile of stuff that you keep saying you’re going to get rid of soon?”  which makes me think

a) thanks for reminding me about my new years resolution to DECLUTTER

b) its time for a lesson on charity

So I sat her down and discussed the qualities marked above with an asterisk. Mind you after our discussion, she looked up at me and said “Can I go to the zoo for my birthday?”

I’m pretty sure her understanding of “necessity” was already quite clear considering she was willing to get rid of perfectly good toys that she just didn’t need anymore.

So my pile of donations gets bigger, the kids room becomes less cluttered and my hopes of raising admirable adults grows ever so slightly.

Regards, Mummy


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