Happy birthday dad!

my dad turns 60! I honestly thought he was closer to 54… woops! My dad hates presents and fuss so as usual we’re having a low key dinner for him on the weekend at one of our favourite thai restaurants.

My dad. A model of hard work, sacrifice, patience, unconditional love, protection, routine and dependability.

My brother and I often joke that I’m the chosen child because I seem to impress my dad no matter what I do and my older brother could cure cancer and my dad would still expect more from him. The longer I am a mother, the more I realise how much of an influence he has had on how I raise my children.

My dad has worked 6 days a week, at the same job, since I was born and would only take a day off or a holiday is ABSOLUTELY necessary. When I was younger he would spend his one day off helping my mother around the house and taking me and my brother out to whatever we were into at the time. My brother did any sport ranging from karate, cricket to basketball. I went to countless dance classes, swimming classes, art classes and even writing classes (so I wanted to be an author for a short time in my life) while my dad sat at the back and watched, shooting me a thumbs up anytime I would catch his glance. He was always one to praise hard work and effort but always motivated to continually improve.

I still remember all the pats on the back from getting decent grades at school. I still remember the dance of joy he did when I got the letter stating I was accepted into university (all those years ago). I still remember the tears he shed on my wedding day, and I had never seen my dad cry before that day. I will always remember the smile on his face those first times carefully holding his tiny newborn grandchildren.

Sure my dads not perfect, I remember siting on his lap as a little kid while he smoked the most awful smelling cigarettes and one time he did forget to pick me up from band practice. As a mother he is always reminding me how proud he is of me as a mother. I try to work just as hard, be just as wise, praise my kids at all opportunities and be an example of the importance and value of hard work.

This one goes out to you dad.

Regards, your daughter.


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