Indonesian food

Considering the name of my blog is ibu, I thought I would bring some of my Indonesian heritage into the mix. What better way to do so than, FOOD! I’m not going to sit here and pretend I cook Indonesian food for my family regularly (or very well for that matter).

My mother always cooked Indonesian food by ‘feeling’. Growing up I would watch my mother cook Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) or Sambal Goreng Udang Pete (Prawns and Pete beans fried in chilli sauce) by throwing ingrediants around with no cookbooks, written down recipes, measuring spoons or measuring cups in sight. So when I ask her for her recipes she recalls them off the top of her head using terms like “a slosh of..”, ” a dash of..”, “a sprinkle of..”, “about 3 dumps of..”. One time she did say “a cup of…” and I got excited until she explained she meant a drinking glass, and her drinkng glasses are different sizes to mine.

Frustrated with not being able to recreate my mums Bubur Sum Sum, I went searching for recipes online and showed them to my mother. She would either scoff in disbelief (“thats not how you cook it!”) or be slightly amused (“oh yes, yes, I see how that would be nice, I’ll try that next time). She would then tweak the recipe I had found, making light suggestions on how to make the recipe better (or more similar to hers).

Mind you, with a clear written recipe and clear directions to follow, my cooking does not compare to my mothers and I dont think it ever will. The sooner I accept that, the sooner I work on creating and practicing my own recipes (both Indonesian and not), which I will pass onto my daughters. My youngest always compliements my cooking (“You’re the best cooker mum, I think you should be a chef when you grow up)”, whilst my eldest is quite ciritcal (“Mum you burnt this side of the meat again…”). Throw them together and I’m left feeling quite accomplished with room to improve.

Feel free to check out my stack over at delicious on some of my favourite Indonesian recipes that I know I can come back to over and over again. Mari kita makan! (Translates to: Let’s eat!)

Regards, Mummy.

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  1. Every so often my husband offers to cook but when he asks me how to make something he’s never made before I usually just end up doing it because like your mother I just “feel” my way through the kitchen. I worry the girls will have trouble catching on but I hope to be able to teach them the basics. ❤

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