It is SO one of THOSE days…

…and it’s not even midday yet. Days like today when there is too much to do, not enough time (or motivation) to do it all, sibling rivalry is at an all time high and its meant to be an enjoyable weekend, I turn to quotes, both funny and inspirational, to pep up my step, and help me tend to the mountains of laundry and dishes and uni work and garden work waiting for me. Have a bit of a laugh and a bit of revelation, here at Happy Worker.

But it’s also one of those days where I forget that beyond being a mother, I am a wife too. Valentines day is coming up, already?? yes. My husband and I never really buy in to the whole Valentines hype out of personal choice. I clearly deserve fancy dinners, flowers and chocolates everyday. Don’t we all? Interestingly enough, I would choose a night in, sharing a home cooked meal and a funny (borderline lame) movie in our pajamas any day, over having to dress up, make a reservation for an over priced meal which doesn’t guarantee a satisfying meal at that (some portion sizes and their corresponding prices don’t always make sense to me), drop the kids off at the grandparents who are very happy to do so yet look like they have been run over by trucks when we pick the kids up after our somewhat unsatisfactory dining experience. Hrm.. I see this developing into a very interesting post, but because it is one of THOSE days, I must be off to thank my kids for not screaming at each other for a full 5 minutes and to make brunch for my best friend, I mean my boyfriend, I mean my husband.


Regards, mummy.


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