Ibu translates to mother in Indonesian.

That really is me in a nutshell. A mother. That’s bigger than it sounds. Much bigger. I haven’t been able to turn off this thing that I do called mothering, and why would I want to? Mothering can be/is tiring, overwhelming, constant, challenging, testing, tough, rewarding, fun & boring at the same time, humbling, simple… ah keyword simple. If I think back to my grandmother who had to take care of 9 children all by herself while my grandfather was at war, she must have kept things simple to stop from going insane.

Mothering can be scary, there is such a fine line between doing whats right, doing what you can, doing something that seems impossible but necessary and doing what others need you to do regardless of your energy and emotional levels.

This blog space is where I get to pause and reflect (between squabbles over which game we’re playing and who gets to stir the cake dough first). Mothering, when you move the big pile of clothes to be ironed over into the corner and ignore the dishes in the sink, is beautiful, heck, its remarkable.

Mothering and I deserve some space to take some deep breaths.

P.S. where did ‘illestwifey’ come from and what does it mean? my husbands nickname is ‘illest’ and I’m his wifey. If you think about it, I was an ‘illestwifey’ before I was an ‘ibu’.

  1. Hi thanks for following my blog 🙂


  2. I love this! A very accurate description of what motherhood entails! I too use blogging as my place for deep breaths (as well as some adult interaction)!

    • so sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much! hope to be up to your standard of blogging one day, i find your posts insightful.

      • You are sweet! Thank you! I liked your latest post on necessity and your soon-to-be 5 year old! Enjoy her birthday celebrations, whatever they may be! The Zoo certainly sounds like a great idea!

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